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Bonus Episode Two with Bob and Polly Hamp: Reclaiming Your Life After Abuse

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast, Rebuilding | 4 comments

Bob and Polly Hamp join Natalie Hoffman in talking about the upcoming Reclaim conference in Hurst, Texas on January 24-26, 2020. Sessions will include reclaiming your parenting, your boundaries, your faith, your true self, your worth, your brain health, and more! It’s going to be a jam packed conference. This sneak peek episode has all the details!

You can register for this conference HERE. (And if you are a member of the private Flying Free community, you get $50 off your registration fee!)

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Read the transcript here!

Watch the YouTube video of this interview HERE.

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  1. Kim

    Bob Hamp’s previous podcast episode is one of my absolute faves! I took notes I still go back to. I didn’t know at the time he was divorced and remarried. Can we know a little more ab his story ab moving on from his his first wife and remarrying? I think it’s important to know if we are going to trust someone’s advice. I’m not doubting it… it just adds a layer of confusion that could take away from his message.

    • Kim

      I’m saying this from a place of trying to understand, (in the midst of abuse) not judge. It doesn’t really matter why his first marriage fell apart, but it seems odd to ignore the fact that
      It did. I think he needs to address this to move forward…

    • Natalie Hoffman

      You could reach out to him if you’d like on his website. From my understanding, his prior marriage was abusive, and he is now in a healthy marriage.

      • Kim

        Thank you Natalie for clarifying, and you’re right I should just go to the source! I will add I enjoyed getting to know Polly as well on your podcast. 🙂 Keep up the good work!


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