Exploring Survivor Stories

Survivor Story: Marie

The length of your marriage. You’ll never forget it. 3 years of holes in the wall. 9 years of sleepless nights. 17 years of pleading. 25 years of silence. 43 years of lowering your standards again and again and again.

While the past can’t be changed, and that time is set, your recovery is NOT. It has NO LIMIT. It has NO TIMELINE.

The depth of your pain and suffering do not outweigh your ability to heal. It all comes down to whether you want it.

The evidence?

Women like Marie. She found healing and transformation in community—one that’s available to you.

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What You Need to Know When You Leave

Your marriage was like a jigsaw puzzle. A big, confusing, fragmented mess.

Once you found the “abuse” piece, everything fell into place.

But are you prepared for what happens when you leave? Cause the gloves come off and the rulebook gets tossed out the window.

From two women who’ve been there and who’ve heard countless stories of the same, here’s the cheat sheet for what you need to know when you get out.

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Is the Cost to Leave an Abusive Marriage Worth It?

Why are you staying in your abusive marriage?

For many women, the price to get free seems too high. They fear destitution, losing their children, revenge by their husband, more trauma and heartache, a scarlet “D” on their chests, the legal hassle…the list goes on.

These are real, valid fears. And terribly high, but prevalent, costs. Which raise the question: Is it worth it?

Amie experienced all of these things and more to get out. Listen to her story and decide for yourself.

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When Your Abusive Husband Is a Pastor

When Lynn, a widow and registered nurse, met her abuser for the first time, she thought he was a safe bet. Who could be safer than a pastor and former missionary? But once he had her hooked in, he tore down her dignity and identity through shaming and neglect. Lynn shares her long journey of waking up to the shocking reality that even religious leaders can be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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I’m Always Walking on Eggshells in My Christian Marriage!

Robin walked on eggshells and hid herself away to survive. After years in an abusive marriage, she believed God didn’t love her and that he hated divorce more than anything. She was taught that her body wasn’t her own, and her job was to make her husband happy at all costs.

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Are You Married to a Quiet Covert Abuser with a Hidden Lifestyle?

While Julie experienced more overt abuse during her formative years, she ended up married to a quiet, covert abuser with a hidden lifestyle.

“The hidden abuse made far more lasting marks on my soul than the overt abuse I experienced as a child ever did.”

Find out what helped her decide to pay the price for freedom.

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