What’s wrong with my Christian marriage?

Do you walk on eggshells and question your sanity? Are conflicts unresolvable and simply swept under the rug over and over again?

Can my husband change?

Do you love your husband and have hope he will one day love you back? Are you hoping there is still something more you can do to make your marriage work?

Should I stay or leave?

Are you standing at a fork in the road afraid of both choices? Do you wonder if God has your back no matter which way you go?

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If there were PhDs to be given on the subject of emotional abuse, Natalie Hoffman would have earned hers ten times over. Natalie is remarkably knowledgeable and character-savvy when it comes to understanding the soul-death that occurs during the terror of emotional abuse. Furthermore, she brings the element of healing to the table. Any woman who questions herself while sensing deep, unrecognizable pain in her marriage should read Is It Me?

Megan Cox

MAR Pastoral Counseling, Founder of Give Her Wings, Inc.

Your podcast and the resources you provide are part of what helped make me strong enough to change my life. I’ve listened to Every. Single. Podcast! And I recommended them to a friend after she reached out to share with me about her own emotionally destructive marriage. She texted me yesterday to say she ordered your book a few weeks ago and that the Flying Free podcasts are her life. They are bringing validation and clarity, and she is very thankful. Your work is important and necessary. It’s helping women know the truth. I just wanted to say thank you! Your work is changing and saving lives.

Flying Free Listener

I didn’t have any idea of what was offered for the monthly fee. Would I get my money’s worth? I have been so impressed and blown away by all that is offered. The depth of the material is amazing and super helpful. Real techniques on how to change and be free of old patterns, habits, and belief systems are impacting my life in an intense, beautiful way. I LOVE the organization of the monthly lessons with worksheets and clear directions. I’m a detail-oriented person, and this is so comfortable for me. It’s well-paced with incremental growth steps that are totally doable! It’s worth every penny! I am growing and changing in ways that I never dreamed possible. 

Sisterhood Member

Hello Sisters

I’m Natalie. I used to be a conservative Christian woman following all the rules (my own and everyone else’s) and working hard to create a happy life for my family.

My marriage was emotionally and spiritually destructive, and after two decades of utterly insane and hopeless struggle along with numerous failed attempts to get help from my religious community (think BRICK WALL), I hit rock bottom.

Is your marriage emotionally destructive? Get the first chapter of Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage, and find out!

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