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The shoe always drops

The Shoe Always Drops

Here’s what I tell myself when I get anxious, can’t enjoy the moment, and I think I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…

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Seven Steps to Getting Out of Your Emotionally Abusive Marriage So You Can Find Hope and Healing

Emotional abuse is a covert, dehumanizing, psychological and spiritual re-framing of reality that causes deep damage to the core of a person. Survivors of emotional abuse often struggle with depression, complex-post-traumatic-stress-disorder…

How Will You Know Your Marriage is Over?

Let’s pretend for a minute that your relationship is like a game of tennis. Can you visualize you and your partner on the tennis court? The game has just begun, and the ball is going back and forth. Back and forth.

Once in a while, the ball drops….

Ten Steps Out Of Relationship Hell

Imagine that your destructive relationship is a hot, burning pit. It’s dark down there. You can’t breathe down there. It hurts down there. You’re stuck down there. It’s relationship HELL down there.

You might be sitting there thinking you need to be rescued.

Emotional Abuse: When Your Husband Doesn’t Take Responsibility for His Behavior

Physical abuse is definable and recognizable, and most people soundly condemn it. If a woman comes forward with physical evidence of abuse, she will usually find support in the church. But what if a woman comes forward and says her husband doesn’t take responsibility for his behavior….

What Kind of Woman Does an Abusive Man Target?

When the subject of domestic abuse randomly crosses the average person’s path, a number of myths surrounding this subject immediately kick into play. One of these myths has to do with the domestic abuse target, herself. What kind of woman does an abusive man target, anyway….

How to Know if Your Marriage Crosses the Line From Normal to Abusive

She wondered if she was going crazy. All she ever wanted was to be a good wife and mom, and she gave her marriage and home all the love, energy, and support she had inside. But something was “off” in her marriage.

No matter what she did, or how hard she tried, she felt like a failure…

Seven Red Flags in a Toxic Christian Dating Relationship

I wrote a blog post several years ago in response to an email I received from a young, unmarried woman. This is an updated version of that blog post. I hope it is helpful not only for unmarried women who may be in a toxic Christian dating relationship, but also for women who are already married to a Christian narcissist…..

Who Burned the House Down?

I wrote this analogy several years ago in one of my bazillions of efforts over the years to get my beloved religious community to recognize what was happening in my home and help my family.

It didn’t work. They just threw more gasoline on the fire and made jokes about it in church parking lots…..

Message to a Baptist Church: You Preached Death to the Hearts of One Hundred Women Today

I came to worship within your walls this morning. I came to worship, and I left with one hundred other women—every single one bleeding

I began my worship journey within the walls of another, smaller church when I was seven years old..

Why Does My Husband Lie All the Time?

Where there are lies, there is evil. When I think of evil, I think of Sauron, Hannibal Lecter, and Emperor Palpatine. I don’t think of a Sunday School teacher at church…

Why the Marriage Books Don’t Work When You Are in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

I remember looking down at the book clutched in my hands as if it were a life-preserver. The words “Love and Respect” embossed with bold red type…

Why Emotional and Spiritual Abuse Cause C-PTSD

Most of us have heard of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can occur when a person witnesses a terrifying or traumatic event such as a car accident, a murder, a fire, etc…