About Flying Free

Flying Free began in early 2016 and has grown into a thriving education and support community that reaches women of faith in controlling relationships and religious environments.

Our symbol is the butterfly, which represents our ultimate goal of inner beauty, strength, and freedom. We support women going through the different stages of transformation all the way from the tiny caterpillar, to the the chrysalis, to the free butterfly who has found her identity and purpose in life given to her by her Creator.

We Are Here to Help You in Several Ways

1. The Flying Free Website 

New and relevant articles every month to enlighten and empower you.

2. The Flying Free podcast

Expert interviews, survivor testimonies, Q&As, and special teaching to equip you in your growth process. (You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts.)

3. Monday Mornings with Natalie

A Facebook Live event that Natalie hosts on the Flying Free Facebook page each Monday morning. You can also watch the replays on our YouTube channel.


4. Is It Me? Small Groups

We offer a free training for women who want to lead a small group that goes through Natalie’s book, Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage, along with the companion workbook. If you have a small group of women who would like to go through this book/workbook together, and you’d like to facilitate them, please send an inquiry to [email protected]. In 2021 we will also be offering online small groups for members of the Flying Free Sisterhood Education and Support program. We’d love to have you join us!

5. Social Media Presence

Connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter where we share special quotes, relevant articles, and other encouraging resources with our community of women.

The Flying Free Sisterhood

In June of 2017, Natalie launched the Flying Free Sisterhood program. This program offers monthly classes, live weekly coaching, Q&A events, expert workshops, a private online community, and more. It is a comprehensive tool designed to take a woman through the stages of transformation so she can become the woman she was meant to be.

This education and support group has grown exponentially since it began because it works. And every year as the resource vault continues to grow, it gets even better. The Flying Free Sisterhood opens the doors to new members every six months. You can learn more and get on the waiting list below.

NEW in 2021: Flying Higher

Flying Higher is for divorced women of faith who want to go further and deeper in their personal development. We work on mind management, relationships, weight loss, addictions, career development, physical health, and so much more.

Flying Higher will open to the public for the first time on January 27, 2021. It will only be open for four days, so you’ll want to hop on the waiting list to be informed when it opens. Once we have our 2021 group, we will be diving deep together. It’s going to be an amazing, transformative experience. Learn more by clicking on the link below.