Exploring Trauma

How Do I Forgive Someone Who Keeps Hurting Me?

Forgiveness is one of the ultimate Christian virtues, right after love. It “sets the prisoners free.” Except in your life. It keeps you defenseless and bound to a person, or people, determined to keep harming you. Forgiveness seems like a super highway to destruction, the restart button for more craziness and pain. So, should you keep forgiving someone who keeps hurting you…and how?

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Hope and Healing After Trauma

Coach and author, Polly Hamp, shares her inspiring journey of healing after trauma and how she created a beautiful resource to help you overcome your own trauma.

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The Holidays Make Separation and Divorce Even Worse

The holidays have a way of making abusive relationships, separation, and divorce even worse. Families get split, take sides, and cause more hurt and pain than we think we can bear. Let’s talk about how to cope during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

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