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Resources for Pastors, Clergy, and Helpers

Podcast episode 40: Calling the Church to Compassion – and interview with the founder of Give Her Wings Academy, Megan Cox.

Helping Her Get Free by Susan Brewster

Seeing Emotional Abuse Clearly by Bob Hamp

Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Hidden Emotional and Spiritual Abuse by Natalie Hoffman – important resource for understanding emotional/spiritual abuse in the home which is the most prevalent type of abuse found and protected in Christian communities.

Addressing Domestic Violence in the Church by Bob & Helga Edwards

Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need to Know About Healing Trauma by Dr. Christy Sim

Training and resources for leaders who want to help abusive men: Changing Men, Changing Lives

From the ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services) website:

The Dangers of Couples Counseling When Abuse is the Issue

Guidelines for Clergy

How Ready is Your Church?