Exploring Advocacy

The Smear Campaign Abusive Churches and Husbands Launch Against Christian Women

After decades of dealing with your husband’s covert control, silent treatment, criticism, passive aggressive behavior, lies, and refusal to take responsibility for anything, you have made the terrifying decision to get out, and now you are on your own. Either your husband has left (and told everyone you abusively kicked him out) or he has forced you to leave (and told everyone that you have abusively abandoned him.) The smear campaign begins even while you begin the life-long process of picking up all the pieces. You have eight kids living at home. You get to pick up their pieces too.

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How Can You Still Honor Yourself in an Abusive Marriage?

Women who have lived in destructive relationships give away their voices and their honor in order to placate their abusive partner. In this episode Natalie and Rachel discuss what it means to honor yourself. Find out the one question you can ask yourself in 2019 to help you do exactly that.

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