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Wisdom for Survivors: The Best of the Flying Free Podcast [Episode 100]

The Best of the Flying Free Podcast

The Flying Free Podcast began in January, 2018 with the hope of educating and encouraging women of faith in destructive marriage relationships. Two years and one hundred episodes later we have thousands of listeners from all over the world, and the voices and hearts of Christian women are rising to their God-given place of human dignity and honor. This is a work of love birthed from a place of heartache and shame. Something only a loving, compassionate, and powerfully redeeming God could do. In this special 100th episode, you’ll get some of the best quotes from the Flying Free Podcast so far. This is a power-packed compilation of encouragement, truth, and wisdom for survivors, the best of the Flying Free podcast.

Download the transcript below to read the quotes and to get the links to our first 100 episodes!

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"Natalie speaks to the heart of so many women whom have been silenced by misuse of scripture by church leaders, community, and spouses to enable hidden emotional and spiritual abuse within the home. I am finally free after many years of suffering, and I am a survivor with the help of Natalie’s heart, voice, and experience flying free herself."
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The Comments

  • Avatar
    January 23, 2021

    So convenient to have all these listed in one spot. Thank you! I have noticed your Professional Certified Coach seal from The Life Coach School. I was wondering if you would tell us more about the school and their training.

  • Avatar
    January 13, 2021

    Thank you Natalie,
    I am so grateful for you sharing this podcast with FF. I feel validated and comfort that their are souls that understand the pain and needing to grieve my emotional and spiritual abuse. I learned that I need to be responsible for my own life and choices. I am in E2C and I want to stay a member here and at times my classes are in conflict with one another.

  • Avatar
    January 6, 2021

    This is remarkable, Natalie! Thank you for putting these episode excerpts together. Such an encouragement for me.