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Learn to Advocate for Yourself (and How This is Key to Your Healing!)

Learn to Advocate for Yourself (and How This is Key to Your Healing!)

This is the first article in a new series called “Lessons from the Ladder.” I get the title of this series from my original article called “How to Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship: 10 Steps” in which I write about the red hot ladder rungs we have to climb if we want to get out of the relationship pit we’ve been stuck in for so long.

I’ve already made that horrible climb. Every ladder rung was excruciating, and I was tempted to let go and just drop back down to the bottom of the pit every step of the way, but I made it up and out. Now I’ve joined thousands of other women who have also made the climb, and we are cheering you on.

So I want to share some of the most important lessons I learned on my own journey up and out—lessons that have shaped who I am today as well as who I am becoming for all eternity as one of God’s beloved children.

The first lesson I learned on that ladder from hell is how to advocate for myself—a hard lesson for a woman who spent her entire life believing that self-advocacy was evil. Now I strongly believe it is a necessary adulting skill that we all need to get better at—for our own sake and also for the sake of our children after us. We can’t pass that skill on if we aren’t able to model it ourselves.

We want our children to grow up taking responsibility for themselves, making decisions without fear, and moving forward with hope and purpose in spite of the obstacles and challenges they will face. They can’t do that (and neither can we) if they aren’t able to advocate for themselves.

So what do we need to do to begin advocating for ourselves?

Advocate for yourself by deprogramming from your false core belief that you are a helpless child in need of rescue from someone in authority over you.

Women in conservative Christian circles are taught that to be godly is to be passive. They are not encouraged to learn emotional intelligence skills of self-regard (accepting yourself for who you are – both strengths and weaknesses), self-actualization (pursuing things that lead to a meaningful life), independence (being prepared to adopt a course of action while tolerating the disapproval of others who disagree), assertiveness (the ability to respectfully express yourself and stand up for your beliefs and decisions), and problem solving (the ability to confront problems rather than run from them).

Instead, a premium is put on women who allow others to control their education, their thoughts, their theology, their decisions, their time, their resources, their gifts, their skills, and their future. The others in religious conservative circles are usually men who believe in a power-over theology of male/female relationships (hard-core patriarchy as well as soft-core patriarchy more commonly known as complementarianism.)

Of course, power-over structures like this place women in a vulnerable position where they are easily exploited for wicked purposes. Such is the case in every home where there is any kind of abuse happening. Such is the case whenever a woman tries to advocate for herself in a religiously controlling and abusive church environment that also teaches a power-over theology of male/female relationships. This is why getting help from a church is so often re-abusive and traumatic.

The truth is, you were made in the image of God with the same mandate to go forth and take dominion of God’s creation (Genesis 1:26-28). You were also bought by the blood of Christ and given another mandate to go forth and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). You were given the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) as well as other gifts to fulfill your purpose as His ambassador in this world (I Peter 4:10).

That doesn’t sound like the passive role of a helpless child to me.

The fact is, God not only gave women these honors and privileges along with men, but He also gave women an incredible responsibility in Genesis 2:18. The English words most often used in modern translations are “suitable helper,” but this translation doesn’t do the actual words justice. The original Hebrew words used in this verse are ezer kenegdo. “Ezer,” a word used to describe God as a warrior numerous times in the Old Testament, is translated “to rescue, to save, to be strong,” and “kenegdo” is translated “corresponding to.” So when God said, “I will make a ‘helper suitable’ for him (Adam),” He was saying in essence “I will make a warrior corresponding to him.” ( That’s quite a difference in translation and meaning. Man didn’t need someone to reign over; he needed an equal to reign with.

Here’s how Carolyn Custis James expands on this rich and beautiful truth in her book, Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women:

“Like the man, she is also God’s creative masterpiece — a work of genius and a marvel to behold — for she is fearfully and wonderful made. The ezer never sheds her image-bearer identity. Not here. Not ever. God defines who she is and how she is to live in His world. That never changes. The image-bearer responsibilities to reflect God to the world and to rule and subdue on His behalf still rest on her shoulders too.
God didn’t create the woman to bring half of herself to His global commission or to minimize herself when the man is around. The fanfare over her is overblown if God was only planning for her to do for the man things he was perfectly capable of doing for himself or didn’t even need. The man won’t starve without her. In the garden, he really doesn’t need someone to do laundry, pick up after him, or manage his home. If Adam must think, decide, protect, and provide for the woman, she actually becomes a burden on him — not much help when you think about it. The kind of help the man needs demands full deployment of her strength, her gifts, and the best she has to offer. His life will change for the better because of what she contributes to his life.”

In the Old Testament we see examples of God’s ezer kenegdos going into battle for the glory of God: Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Abigail, Rahab, and Hannah, to name a few. And God’s view of women hasn’t changed.

When Jesus came to this earth, He lived in an unapologetically patriarchal culture that viewed women as less than men. He broke all the cultural rules when He talked to women without going through their husbands or fathers, when He gave a Samaritan woman the responsibility to evangelize her home town, when He invited women to follow Him and learn from Him (something only men were allowed to do with a Rabbi), and when He entrusted Mary Magdalene with the very first gospel message.

He surrounded Himself with women and treated them with honor, fully expecting both women and men to spread the gospel when He was gone. You wouldn’t have seen a religious leader doing that back then, but He broke the social norms that divided men and women and established a new kingdom of oneness and unity in Himself.

After He was gone, you see women receiving the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17) and being released into ministry of every kind. Junia was an apostle (Romans 16:7); Philip’s four daughters were prophetesses (Acts 21:9); Euodia and Syntyche were evangelists (Philippians 4:2-3); Phoebe was a deaconess (Romans 16:1-2); and Priscilla was a pastor/teacher (Romans 16:3-5, Acts 18:24-26).

Paul spread this revolutionary message of unity by speaking of men and women together as brothers and sisters. In fact, he refers to both men and women as sons, a position viewed as a place of honor in that patriarchal culture. This would have been as astounding to his audience back then as it is to many extremely conservative Christian churches today who have all but ignored His clear teachings:

For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you . . . have received a spirit of adoption as sons  . . . [and are] heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ . . .” (Romans 8:14-17)

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus… there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:26, 28)

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy…” (I Corinthians 14:39)

Think of every verse in the New Testament that talks about our new life as followers of Christ. Do they distinguish between male and female followers? The vast majority of them do not.

“‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your youths will see visions,  your seniors will dream dreams. Even on my male servants [ministers] and on my female servants [ministers], I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.” (Acts 2:17-18)

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (I Peter 2:9)

You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God people from every tribe and language and people group and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.” (Revelation 5:9-10)

Advocate for yourself by deprogramming from your false core belief that God will rescue you if you do nothing when you have the opportunity to do something.

The Bible teaches us in many places that God is our rescuer. But how does He rescue us? In the Psalms we see David fleeing from King Saul as he chases David all over the countryside. But is David standing still, hoping God will rescue him? No. He is running! He “runs” to the fortress of God. He “hides” in the shadow of His wings. He “takes refuge.” These are all actions.

When the life of baby Jesus was being threatened, did Joseph and Mary stay put, trusting God to rescue His Son? No – they went into high gear and fled – trusting God even as they did so. They did their part, and they trusted God to do His part according to His will.

Do we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, do nothing while hoping God will do His Thing in the world? No. We take action because we are the hands and feet of Christ in this world. We carry the Holy Spirit within us, and we bring the Kingdom of heaven into the corners of our world through our ACTIONS. Not our in-actions.

When power-over theology teaches that women are godly when they are passive, they are telling a lie about God and about the human race. They are believing and teaching a lie that disempowers 50% of the human race in spreading the kingdom of God on this earth. What a tragedy! This is not God’s plan for us.

I remember begging God to DO SOMETHING about what I was experiencing in my former marriage. I begged Him for years and years to help me. But at the same time, I chose to believe a bunch of lies that kept me from doing what I needed to do. He was more than willing to walk with me, to give me wisdom, to love me through it, but I was unwilling to do what it would take to find hope and healing in my life. I was unwilling first to believe the problem was as bad as it was (a coping mechanism), and I was unwilling to stand up for what was right and true because that would cause me a lot of extra pain, and I didn’t want that.

So God patiently waited. He didn’t cause the pain. The sinful choices of human beings caused the pain. But when the pain of staying stuck became GREATER than the pain of exposing the truth and taking steps to get out, I was finally ready to take action, and I took hold of the first ladder rung out of my pit. With that first action step, God was right there encouraging me that He would never leave me or forsake me. And I began the difficult journey out.

If you are still sitting at the very bottom of the pit, hoping against hope that a miracle will happen, and someone will reach down and pull you up so you don’t have to make the horrible climb, you will be waiting a long time. Here’s why. Think about a butterfly trying to emerge from the chrysalis. It’s during that struggle that the blood gets pumping through her wings, giving her the wing-health and power she will need to actually fly. If you “rescue” her by cutting open the chrysalis to let her out prematurely, she will die. That’s right. She will miss her opportunity to access the power she needs to do what she was created to do. Her inability to fly will cause her to be easy prey for predators, and she will not survive very long.

So instead of thinking God is unloving not to just pluck you out of hell and set your feet on a wide place, you can instead recognize His infinite wisdom in promising to be right by your side every step of the way. Loving you. Accepting you when you mess up and when you succeed. Cheering you on no matter what. And then rejoicing over your first flight of freedom when the day comes.

God WILL rescue you. Just not the easy, pain-free way we’d all wish for!

Understand what it means to advocate for yourself.

Now that we see our need to be active participants in our own lives and in the world as God’s ambassadors, we need to see how self-advocacy is part of that initiative. If we cannot or are unwilling to advocate for ourselves, we will not be able to effectively advocate for others. To be an advocate is to be strong and responsible. If we are in a compromised position ourselves, that will make it difficult to initiate advocacy for others, part of which is teaching THEM how to self-advocate in healthy ways.

Advocating for yourself means aligning yourself with God’s agenda for you. Not man’s.

Women get their mail from God, not people. The foundation of everything we believe and do must be grounded in the image of Jesus Christ. His agenda is our agenda! His mission is our mission! He was not afraid of people and their opinions. He wasn’t afraid to speak the truth even when it got Him into trouble. Even when He was called the son of Satan and gossiped about and lied about and hated. He didn’t surrender Himself to human beings. He surrendered Himself to God. He stood in the truth about who He was even though it made arrogant, power-hungry, religious men gnash their teeth.

Those of us who are daughters of the Living God can also stand in the truth of who we are even though it makes arrogant, power-hungry, religious men gnash their teeth. We are in good company. The best company.

Advocating for yourself means making friends with yourself.

It means not only accepting your humanity but also embracing it as God’s design. To strive for perfection as our abusers and religious communities demand for their own pleasure is the original sin. It’s the desire to be God-like. That wasn’t God’s intention for us. He created us human for a reason – and He calls our humanity GOOD (Genesis 1:31).

This is good news! It means we are free to relax and enjoy our status as God’s beloved human daughters. We don’t have to be perfect to win His favor, love, and acceptance. We are beloved just as we are. What peace and rest that truth offers us!

If God calls us His friends (John 15:15), can we not also make friends with ourselves? Can we not also treat ourselves with respect and love? The degree to which we accept ourselves in our humanity is the degree to which we will accept others in theirs. So this is a pretty important key to loving others!

And we show our love and respect for our Creator when we accept His creation of ourselves. This is not evil. This is the opposite of evil. This is one of the ways we bring honor to our Creator. Satan, on the other hand, hates everything God created, but in particular, human beings. So when we hate on ourselves and make ourselves our number one enemy, we are playing right into the devil’s hand. And that, my friends, IS evil and brings about a host of evil.

Remember that the enemy always flips everything upside down. Opposites. It’s fascinating to find them as you deconstruct your theology and let God renovate it from the ground up.

Advocating for yourself means forgiving yourself.

How can we forgive others if we cannot forgive ourselves? And how are we reveling in God’s forgiveness when we cling to our shame and wallow in our regrets? We have all made mistakes. Bad decisions. Hasty conclusions. Foolish moves. We’ve experienced the consequences of those choices, and we’ve watched those we love also bear the brunt of the ripple effects of our faulty movements in this world.

But this does not surprise God or hold Him back in any way from telling His redeeming story in our lives. He is a whole lot bigger than that. He has anticipated every wise and every foolish thing we’ve ever done, and He is able to paint a beautiful picture not only in SPITE of the blotches we make on the canvas, but BECAUSE of them. I don’t get it. Who can? It’s incredible, and it inspires me to worship Him.

It also enables me to let go and forgive myself so I can move forward in abandon—choosing to LIVE instead of hold back in fear.

If He forgives us (and He does), we are free to forgive ourselves.

Advocating for yourself means respecting yourself.

We respect those we admire. Those who do what we wish we could do if we only had the strength, the courage, the resources, and the power. But for us to grow in self-respect, we need to actually take a step in the direction of putting ourselves out there! We need to stop sitting on the sidelines of life and get into the arena and ENGAGE in this life God gave to us. With each brave step we take, however small, we grow in self-respect.

It might be as simple as choosing the color of a new quilt for your bed instead of letting someone else choose it for you.

In my upcoming book, Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage, I say this about respect:

“Respect is being courteous, actively engaging with the other person’s hopes and dreams, listening well, caring about the feedback of the other person, paying attention, compromising, asking their opinion, accepting their differences, working toward non-judgment, asking instead of demanding, and basically just treating the other person like they are special and worthy of your regard. You cannot demand respect. It must be freely given for it to be real, because respect is born of love, and love is given, not taken.

To disrespect someone is to ignore their voice, blame and shame them, take power over them, treat them rudely, look down on them, avoid them, give them the silent treatment when they don’t do what you want them to do, call them names, demand obedience, threaten them, and refuse to tolerate their differences.”

Applying this to yourself, are you courteous to yourself? Or is the committee inside your head always tearing you apart? Do you pay attention to your own gut and give it credibility? Do you believe you are worthy of regard? Do you shame and blame yourself, look down on yourself, call yourself names, and refuse to tolerate how you are different from everyone else?

For you to truly love and respect others, you must begin by loving and respecting yourself. It’s the difference between being a child who needs the approval of others to know she is enough—and an adult who has an intrinsic understanding of her worth just as she is as well as the worth of other human beings just as they are.

When people are disrespecting you and trying to manipulate and control and micro-manage your life, it is because they lack a true sense of their own value and worth just as they are. They have to demean and dehumanize and take power over others in order to feel better about themselves. This is childish behavior at best, and wicked in its worst form.

Respect yourself, and you will naturally gain the respect of other healthy human beings.

Advocating for yourself means making decisions that are healthy for you.

When we have lived life going along with the decisions everyone around us is making for our lives, it’s easy to believe this is just how it’s supposed to be, and we think we have no choices. But the fact is, we do. They may not all be great choices. They may be hard choices with sticker bushes and pouring rain either way we go, but they are choices, and they are OUR choices. Sometimes the only choices at first are really hard, but as time goes by, and we gain strength and momentum, our choices open up a bit more. And a bit more yet. Until we find we are no longer moving in a cramped room that is 2′ by 2′, but instead we are moving in a wide open space, and it’s actually a sunny day with a light breeze blowing.

Change isn’t about huge leaps off cliffs, although once in a while it may feel like that. Change is more about tiny shifts in the way we think and what we do in our daily lives that add up over time. Never underestimate your power of choice.

Advocating for yourself means using your voice.

You knew it was coming. This is what we usually think of when we think of advocating for ourselves. We think of defending ourselves. Sticking up for ourselves. Speaking our truth. But using your voice doesn’t have to be super invasive or obnoxious at all. Most of the time it’s just quietly saying what you know to be true and leaving it at that. No need to defend your stand. In fact, it’s usually better not to. There is far more power in stating your experience or your belief about something and refusing to engage in a futile argument that will go nowhere.

Our job isn’t to convince others of what we know to be true. Jesus didn’t do that. He never defended Himself to fools. He just did what He came to do. Quietly. Truthfully. In personal strength and power. And some believed, and some didn’t. Some killed Him, and some followed Him into Paradise.

His super-power is your super-power. The super-power of knowing who you are in Christ and trusting that as you advocate for yourself in these ways, you will grow up into the full stature of your womanhood, thereby fulfilling the destiny you were created for on this earth. To fly free yourself and to model that for the generations after you.

Then you shall take delight in the Lord, and I will make you ride on the heights of the earth;” Isaiah 58:14

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  • Avatar
    June 20, 2019

    Natalie: Thank you for your words of truth and encouragement. I’ve been caught up into a web of 33 yrs of an emotionally abusive marriage. I resonate with so much of what you write. He was “the nicest guy” when we dated but changed within the first year of marriage: demanding, critical, threatening. I was in a state of disbelief. Each of us were the only believers in our families, dated 3.5 yrs, stood for Christ. Suddenly he became a Jekyl & Hyde, to everyone else he was an easygoing sweetie pie, to me hateful and cold. I knew if I told anyone they’d never believe me bc I had been such a “difficult” child and the label stuck like glue, even tho God has healed much of my childhood pain. We have 3 grown children all living on their own. I was a stay at home mom who got cancer when my third child was only 4 months old. Was given 60% chance to survive with a grueling 20 year wait til docs could consider me clear. My husband ran his own biz working ridiculously long hours, making little money, leaving me alone with the kids much of the time. I cooked from scratch, cleaned, ironed, did all the kids’ training, appts & homework, helped him at his office part time etc. But it was never enough. I was never enough. Not enough emotional support for his career, not enough sex, too much opinion, intuition, “criticism”. He’d frequently say “you do so many things well, if only you’d do ____ better, then I’d be happy”. Of course it was always a matter of his happiness. All I ever wanted was to be a good wife & mother. It was hard letting myself see what he was, that he really didn’t love me. And I had brought my precious children into the world, it was not their fault. So I swallowed the abuse, often suffering migraines and fibromyalgia. In a way I felt it my duty to suffer, just punishment for not making my husband lastingly happy. He would sometimes say “you’ve gotten what you deserved in life”, this said to a ca survivor. I don’t know that in retrospect I’d have been able to fully face the EA when I was raising children, bc I knew if we divorced he’d have exposed them to unsavory people and situations regularly. They’d have been often exposed to his hedonistic family. I made the best decisions I could at the time. My husband has not changed at all spiritually or maturity-wise; keeps using the same blaming & shaming tactics, the same unloving ways of not looking at me when we’re talking, never showing me affection or affirmation, the same threats to get sex elsewhere or sell our home and leave me. He has never taken ownership for his highly sexualized youth/young adulthood and strong drug use during that time. He views it all has “fun” experiences which did not affect him at all. I am currently enduring a 5 day silent treatment bc he didn’t like my tone of voice at a family gathering 5 days ago. I acknowledge I have many faults and don’t always do or say the right thing. I have damage from my own childhood and sinful adult choices. I am gloriously aware of God’s good grace and forgiveness in my life, how He has never left my side thru it all. I feel like a bird that’s been inside a tiny cage for 33 years. The door has opened and I’m only now timidly climbing to the outside, claws clenched to the metal rungs, afraid to let go for fear I will fall like a stone to the ground. It’s been so very long since I’ve used my own two wings, where I haven’t been living to please my man or the church or our extended families. I’m trying so hard to have the courage to take the next steps. Wish I weren’t so timid, Again, my heartfelt thanks for all you continue to do for us forlorn souls, Natalie.

    • Natalie Hoffman
      Natalie Hoffman
      → Jennie
      June 20, 2019

      I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through, Jennie. You may benefit from joining the private support and education group. It’s helped walk many women through the process of leaving if that’s what a woman believes is best for herself after years of abuse. It will be opening up again on June 28. You can go here to get notified: (((HUGS!!!)))

  • Avatar
    March 11, 2019

    My spirit led me to this site. I must take the leap of faith.

  • Avatar
    Renee Oliver
    February 2, 2019

    I just read Advocating for your self means using your voice, I am in awe of how your story mirrors my life……just starting to use my voice and it feels good to be in control . My heart is beating very fast waiting for the next disrespectful action from my husband, but thanks to you IHave Hope

  • Avatar
    Debby Seguin
    September 21, 2018

    Best of the best article!

  • Avatar
    Kristine Brown
    September 20, 2018

    Fantastic article Natalie. I love it. Highly needed by myself as I am currently navigating re-learning how to be a grown up! Spot on. Looking forward to your book!

  • Avatar
    September 20, 2018

    Thank you so much for this article! It just came on at a right time! I belong to a church that I truly love, but some members tend to over place the position of the husband and apply the Word of God without taking in consideration or knowing the couple’s past or environment.
    Let me just give you an example with the only verse that my husband knows ” wives, submit to your husbands”! Last night, when my husband ( who suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder) lied, twisted and “accused me of not submitting myself to him” , I decided to stand for myself. ( to draw a quick picture: we have been married for 10 years. The last 9 years were a nightmare: he cheated on me, physically and emotionally abused me, tried to force me to accept by violence his entitlement to do what he wanted at anytime, with anybody… the money was always “his”, even if it included women at our place when I was working! He grew up that way, I realized it later on, after we got married that he never ever took ownership for any of his actions as a child and teenager,or as an adult.. He always thought he was “special and entitled” and could not make any mistakes. When we were dating, he was the sweetest man, I ever met. Once we married, his real nature showed up.
    I also discovered he was married twice before me..I found out a lot a lot of things that made me take hard and painful decisions for our couple and family last year: protective order, counseling…etc).
    Anyways, I have to say that things were getting better in my couple, since I was able to tell him “no” and set boundaries to him! Talking about divorce if needed. I made the decision I was valuable in Christ and that was not the life, Jesus Christ had for me.
    When I gained my self confidence back and found out who I truly was in Christ, I refused to be manipulated anymore… the Holy Spirit at the same time gave me the vision I was dealing with a spirit of Jezebel..But it took me a first step, it took me to make a decision!

    Anyways, last night, during a lesson on couples, my husband ” used” our cell group leader and complained I was not “submitting to him and had no respect for him”. The first thing the leader said to me, was ” to submit myself to my husband unconditionally” and he hammered me in front of everybody with the Word of God. That was Jesus did for our sins.

    I was scared at first, did not agree with some of his remarks, and did not understand where all of that came from. I was wondering what I did wrong…and did not know how to respond to Ephesians 5.
    The fear that I had at the beginning of my marriage came back instantly. The leader told me to “stop competing with my husband, that God created wives to honor their husbands…the same way, husbands needed to love their wives”. That is what made me stand again. Where was my husband love? “Unconditional submission”???
    Wait a minute!

    Did Jesus “choose” to submit Himself to God’s will? Or Did God impose His will on Jesus, by violence and threat?

    So I answered him with this question: ” what advice would you give to a wife who is physically or emotionally abused by her husband? to submit herself even more to her husband ?”

    He was for three seconds disturbed but then said ” to call the cops”

    My husband got mad at that point and while he stood up, he yelled at me that ” he had enough, he would not stay at the table and that I could start walking with our son because he was leaving”.

    The leader managed to get my husband calm down but I knew at that point, I was seen as ” a disrespectful wife”, “disrespectful woman” for disagreeing and publicly confronting my husband.

    Did I confront him? yes, I did. Last year, I warned my husband that the time when ” I was covering his lies, and making the situation worse was over. That I would confront him every time manipulation and lies would appear. Publicly or not”.

    I was so used to be described by my husband as a “bad wife, disrespectful and cheating wife” to justify his actions. I always thought because they were lies, God would stand for me. So I never clearly stood or advocated for myself.

    That is why I confronted my husband , even if the past 9 months, things were going so much better between him and I. But last night, it surprised me, I did not expect my husband to “challenge me in front of everybody”. I did not expect that leader “trusting unconditionally my husband’s word”.

    So, I just saw an “attack” from the enemy, trying to “get his control back” on me, using people from my church ( people who have no idea about my personal history, who have no idea about my marriage and what was going on for 9 years and what I went through and where I came from. But people were Telling me and hammering me that I ” to submit myself even more” to my husband, that every time, I rebelled against my husband, I was rebelling against me”

    I could see the leader was upset at me, he finally took my husband outside and they talked.

    I told his wife, I could not change my husband, only God would do it, but boundaries were set, and I would stick to them.
    I would bring to the light what was hidden in our couple, I would stand and not “submit myself” if sin. I said I had the ground for divorce, but I was still here and I still believed God could change the entire situation and He already started.

    It was my personal choice to stay and fight, but I would always stand now for my son’s safety and my own safety. That there were more things to talk about but “hammering, using the Word of God” without knowing the reality of a situation could be devastating.

    The leader already made a report to my Pastor, and I am probably seen as a “disrespectful wife”, and probably ,the real cause of my marriage issues.

    For most of them, most of the leaders, they stand for the husband no matter what.
    When I previously tried to talk to them about my issues, they never wanted to “confront” my husband for his behavior. They kept telling me ” We will not take any side, and we need to hear your husband’s side of the story first”

    But when my husbands talks or complaints, I “have to submit unconditionally”….

    How does that work in some churches?

    • Natalie Hoffman
      Natalie Hoffman
      → Milovanka
      September 20, 2018

      Both your husband and your church are abusive. Your best chance for safety and sanity is not to stay and try to convince them of their sin – but rather to leave and find help and hope for you and your child. Their power-over theology will not accommodate any wisdom or compassion toward women. It’s wickedness under the disguise of “godliness.” I pray you will find freedom from their cruelty.

  • Avatar
    September 20, 2018

    Thank you, Natalie, for this great article. Your 10 steps out of relationship hell article was so helpful to me as I made the assent out of the horror that was my “Christian Marriage” I lost nearly all my friends through the process and found myself cast as the woman who broke up her family. It has been difficult to start over and try to figure out how to be my own best advocate and protector. I struggle with the notion that a man will protect me from other men, when in fact, no man has ever protected me, body or heart in my life.

    Church teachings follow us from childhood, even if what we are taught in church in no way resembles the life we actually live at home or in the world. The father as protector and head lie became a fantasy I searched for and prayed for, but have never actually seen in the real world. I am struggling with the fantasy of these “Godly men” who guard and love their families, living out the truth of God’s word, when I have never seen one do it.

    The pastor of my church for many years had a nasty temper and his wife and children were terrified of his rages. Yet, he preached the father as head and leader in the home, no questions asked. Most of the men I know have considerably less knowledge of the Bible than their wives, who are constantly studying the word in search of how to be a “better wife” and mother.

    The women I have known are constantly searching themselves and seeing all their flaws and scouring the Bible looking for answers to the way they really feel about their marriages, verses what they are being taught in the church about how they “should be feeling” about their marriages. Thus, all the women’s Bible studies about being a more Godly wife, being more submissive, being meek, being more joyful during all the trials, loving and respecting your husband more, being proverbs 31, etc, etc….. which are supposed to show us the way to not feel anger or sadness and to accept abuse as “our cross to bear”.

    All this flogging and critiquing of the self is so harmful and has left me wondering who the heck I even am. I have torn myself apart and searched every dark corner of my soul and tried to contort into the image of the Godly wife for so many years that I am not sure how to be me anymore. My ex reminded me of how flawed and “screwed up” I am over and over. It is hard to figure out now how to be the me God created me to be when I have bent myself so out of shape with women’s Bible studies aimed at making me more in “God’s image” for me. For years, I called myself “pretzel girl” because I was so bent into a shape that others in the church thought I should be. I knew this woman was not the true me, but I wanted to please God and was told this is how you do that. My spirit cried out against my reality that was so harmful to me.

    It has been nearly 2 years since I told him to move out. Yet, I am still trying to untwist the pretzel. Your articles help. I appreciate the time and energy you put into writing them. Thank you.

    • Natalie Hoffman
      Natalie Hoffman
      → Natalie
      September 20, 2018

      You’ve articulated the horror of this situation very well. Power-over theology will always treat women poorly because the men who promote it are not Christ-like. Christ did not seek power over others. He laid down His life for others. Men who love Jesus do this. Men who love themselves do not. Patriarchy is the original sin being played out on a massive scale – the desire to be like God. To have power over others. That is not our place regardless of what gender we are.

      I hope and pray God will untangle the mess these men have left in your life so you can be truly free and full of the joy of Christ.