Why Hanging on to Hope in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship Doesn’t Work


“Till death do us part.” Those words haunt you.

The enemy was supposed to be outside your home and family. Easy to see. Protection just a prayer or a locked door away. 

But the one stealing from and killing and destroying you is the one you lie beside at night. The one you promised your forever to.

And he’s counting on it. 

You need to listen if:

  • You’re overcome with desperation to leave and consumed by guilt to stay
  • Your husband is the greatest source of pain and harm in your life
  • You are responsible for everything, and you are constantly sacrificing your physical health, life dreams, and sanity to make your marriage work (to no avail)
  • You’ve begun to wonder just how much of his behavior is intentional and whether he truly wants to destroy you, piece by piece

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Why Hanging on to Hope in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship Doesn’t Work [Transcript]


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    It hurts to let go but it’s necessary!! I just let go of my husband because I had to. The relationship gave me anxiety and I told him that and he told me to stop focusing on myself. He said it was his job to focus on me. After so many threats of him divorcing me I signed the papers. And then I got from him, do you really want a divorce from me??! The relationship drained me. I so wish it was different but it’s not. I’m moving on to take care of myself! He is responsible for his choices!!!! It took me a while to get there but feels really good.

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    Great Story.It described the abuser perfectly.They are like a dangling man.They only know to scream,and complain.My sbxt consumed me,by cutting me from friends,my family.He did not allow me go to the store for shopping.The last time he said I was not thinking properly,so I do not have the right for doing shopping.It was his excuse for controlling me and the money.He was crying like a baby when he wanted to write something in the computer.Help me help me.My kids are teenagers but I had a three year old child at home:my husband.Now he should learn doing things on his own and I hope that will be good for him too.

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      They are just like children at times. Mine told me, just take care of me. I thought, I don’t want to!! They are just like a dangling man! The story was a really good one!


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