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Episode 79: Discovering Your Own Powerful Identity

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Learn with Natalie, Learning, Rebuilding, Survivor Identity, The Flying Free Podcast | 0 comments

We are extremely powerful in this world. We don’t even know the power of a woman because our world has used so many tools to crush us into the ground.

That’s why our personal work is so critical to our world. We may not see the full impact of the work that we do on our personal lives, but I guarantee that it’s not going to be for nothing.

You can be an example of what’s possible for your children and grandchildren and all those who come in contact with you. Your example is going to reverberate into eternity.

I think this is the start of something. God is doing something powerful in the world right now that we get to be part of. But we are pioneers. This is the beginning of a turning point, and we are exploring new territory and are taking old territory back. So this is pretty important.

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