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A Story About Letting Go [Episode 234]

A Story About Letting Go

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This episode is a re-run of a well-loved episode that I often refer people to, Episode 129: Why Hanging on to Hope in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship Doesn’t Work. You can access the show notes, transcript, and old audio recording of this episode over on Episode 129’s webpage. Otherwise, enjoy this updated audio recording!

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"I’m not the intended audience but I have found the podcast very helpful. This is so needed and I’m really glad Natalie is giving voice to this subject. Which she does, with courage, humor, humility, authenticity, and professionalism."
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    August 3, 2023

    Dear Natalie,
    This podcast came to me at exactly the right time…and I feel that God had His Hand in it! There have been many signs along the way, just like this podcast was one of those signs…and could have only come from Him…for all those signs gave me the strength to move on with my choice to finally divorce my husband of seventeen years. Its a long and complicated story of why I finally needed to move on with my own life and why I had no other choice…unless I wanted my husband to destroy the life God gave me to treasure, respect, and use for the purpose of why He created me!! I have wanted to tell my story for a long time to share on your wonderful platform, Natalie…but the story is long and complicated…as most emotionally abusive situations are, but when I get the courage or find the strength to do so, I will!! But for now I just wanted to let you know how this podcast could not have come at a better time because I am going through my divorce right now… with ALL the feelings you described abused victims feel when they finally take the step to leave an emotionally abusive marriage! So I thank God first…and you for giving me the signs and strength to finally do what I have contemplated to do for years…and that is to walk away from this horrible existence, with God leading the way for me! With His love I can do what many other women have done before me…and that is to let go of the rope like in the story…and to finally free myself from taking on the responsibilities of the other person in my marriage…my soon-to-be ex husband!!

    • Natalie Hoffman
      Natalie Hoffman
      → Anita
      August 3, 2023

      I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time for you, Anita. What a powerful story, and what a brave woman you are! Hugs to you.

      -Aimee, Flying Free Community Support