We All Need an Empathetic Witness: Sneak Peek Into My New Book Part One


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I recently finished writing the “vomit draft” of a new book chronicling my relationship with God through years of spiritual lies and emotional abuse. Today, I’m sharing a little bit of part one, written from the perspective of my younger self.

Since I recorded this episode in June of 2023, the beginning of the book has completely changed, and the dream sequence you’ll hear isn’t even in the next draft. So keep in mind that this is a creative process, and I’m just experimenting and sharing little parts of it with you as I go.

For fun. Because we are friends. 🦋

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Note: There is no transcript for this episode, but if you would like to read Natalie’s newest book, it will be published in early 2024, and you can read it then! 

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Thanks to Natalie Hoffman for following the scripture of 1 Peter 4:10! She is using her gifts of knowledge, wisdom, experience, encouragement, and God’s empowering love to help other women! Women who have been in relationships with any type of abuse, but specifically emotional and spiritual abuse – this is the podcast for you! I’m personally grateful that the ‘scales’ have been removed from my eyes! Thank you Natalie Hoffman for showing me how to see the truth and how to address that truth in a safe, healthy, honest, supportive, and loving environment.” -Flying Free Podcast Review on Apple Podcasts

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