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Tag: Divorce

Protecting Yourself Financially During Divorce

Protecting Yourself Financially During Divorce [Episode 88]

Many Christian women who have stayed at home, raised babies, and maybe even homeschooled their kids, gave up their careers to support their abusive husbands on the home front, and now they are faced with an impending divorce. They don’t have a bank account or a job. They often ask “How in the world do I protect myself financially during a divorce?”

When Your Abusive Husband is a Pastor

When Your Abusive Husband Is a Pastor [Episode 86]

When Lynn, a widow and registered nurse, met her abuser for the first time, she thought he was a safe bet. Who could be safer than a pastor and former missionary? But once he had her hooked in, he tore down her dignity and identity through shaming and neglect. Lynn shares her long journey of waking up to the shocking reality that even religious leaders can be wolves in sheep’s clothing.