Exploring Identity

Am I the Problem in My Marriage?

You’re the problem. An angry woman, a discontent wife, a troublemaker, the ungodly one. You’ve heard this over and over, in your mind, at church, and from your husband. Why can’t you get it together? Where do all the rage, frustration, and ugliness come from?
What if the question is the answer?
Abusers don’t ask if they are abusive.
Natalie, Daphne, and Rachel discuss the common reactions women have in destructive marriages that bring shame and confusion.

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Help! I’m Starved for Affection!

In this interview with executive director of ARMS, Stacey Womack, we talk about how survivors are often starved for affection. They’ve been told they aren’t worth much, and others have not only NOT loved survivors well, but they have actually sucked survivors dry. This leaves them emotionally emaciated. What do they need to be nourished with affection again? 

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