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Episode 37 – What if You’re Starved for Affection?

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast, Learning, Survivor Identity, Waking Up | 1 comment

In this interview with executive director of ARMS, Stacey Womack, we talk about how survivors are often starved for affection. They’ve been told they aren’t worth much, and others have not only NOT loved survivors well, but they have actually sucked survivors dry. This leaves them emotionally emaciated. What do they need to be nourished with affection again? 

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

ARMS programs, including the “Her Journey” program mentioned in this episode.

Stacey Womack is the founder and Executive Director of Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services (ARMS). She has dedicated herself to building community awareness around domestic abuse issues from a faith perspective through programs she has developed since 1997. She has served victims of domestic violence through women’s victim recovery classes. These classes, written and developed by Stacey, are now offered in Oregon, across the US, Mexico, Kenya and Canada. In her commitment to addressing these issues, she has also written, developed, and currently co-facilitates ARMS batterer intervention programs specific to men and women of faith, offered to both voluntary and court mandated clients. Stacey has co-chaired both the Multnomah and Washington County Family Violence Coordinating Council. She was the 2012 recipient of the Judge Herrall Award in Multnomah County for outstanding collaborative efforts to end family violence. Stacey’s dedication and determination have grown a small “grass roots” endeavor into a viable organization that has done much to end the cycle of abuse for thousands of women, men, and youth. Stacey has been married for thirty-nine years to her husband, Jerry. They have six children and eleven grandchildren. She enjoys writing youth fiction and spending time with her family.

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1 Comment

  1. JBB

    Thank you for addressing this important topic and highlighting ARMS. Informative podcast!


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