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Episode 45 – How Our Female Bodies Reflect God’s Glory: Interview with Christy Bauman

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast, Learning, Survivor Identity | 0 comments

Christy Bauman, licensed mental health counselor and author of new release, Theology of the Womb, talks about the female body and how the way it works tells a story about God and His love for us.

Guest Bio

Christy is an author, teacher, psychotherapist and spear-fisher. A mother of 4, fierce dreamer and passionate about her family, advocating for women, and seining in the warm ocean. She published the books, A Brave Lament in 2018, and Theology of the Womb in 2019. She is certified in Medical Family Therapy and Trauma and Abuse. She practices as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Supervisor. She is the co-founder of the Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health and Trauma. Christy received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication at Texas A&M in 2002 and then her Masters in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in 2007. She is currently earning her doctorate at Seattle Pacific University and is researching a Womanistic approach to Spirituality and Sexuality. She is excited to complete her Ph.D. in March 2020.

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