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Episode 83: Trusting God with Your Choices

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Boundaries, Emotional Abuse, Flying Free Podcast, Learn with Natalie, Learning | 2 comments

Trust is risk. Trust forces us to decide what we believe, make choices based on those beliefs, and respect what others choose to believe and do. We aren’t called to control others, please everybody, or even defend our decisions. But we are called to live bravely using the knowledge, experience, and power we have. 

  • Trusting God doesn’t mean we all make the same choices.  
  • We are only responsible for our choices.
  • Allowing others to be who they are/make their own choices is trusting God and allows us to live in freedom. 

“So, stop analyzing whether or not you’re trusting God enough. And go out and live your life using the tools God gave you.” 

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  1. TTM

    Thank you for this podcast episode. While I do not fit in the direct target audience for this ministry, it seems like God is speaking to me through you. I’m going through a very challenging season in my life and I’m having to make some difficult decisions.

    I easily get so caught up in trying making the exact right decisions rather than making the best decision I can and then trusting that God will be with me and provide the help I need when necessary.

  2. Susan Cooke

    I think that very last line is where most of us struggle…or maybe it is just me. I am struggling with knowing He has my back, no matter what. Right now I am not assured of that fact.

    In Judaism we are in the month of Elul – the month of repentance before the High Holy Days which start next Friday. Elul is generally the month of things being resolved, and next Friday night we start the spiritual new year. After that is Yom Kippur, the day of national forgiveness.

    An interesting season for me, for sure.


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