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Category: Waking Up

A Story that Perfectly Describes Emotional Abuse

A Story that Perfectly Describes Emotional Abuse [Episode 272]

Today’s podcast episode features a chapter from my new book, All the Scary Little Gods. It’s an analogy I wrote several years ago when I was trying my darndest to explain my situation to people who couldn’t wrap their brains around it.

In the years since that time, I’ve heard from countless Christian women how much it helped them understand what they were going through.  Today you can listen to this story as it was recorded for the Audible version of All the Scary Little Gods. I hope it helps you find clarity and hope.

And maybe even a few laughs along the way.

Ten Steps Out of an Emotionally Abusive "Christian" Marriage

Ten Steps Out of an Emotionally Abusive “Christian” Marriage [Episode 254]

Getting out of an emotionally abusive marriage is one of the hardest things you could ever do. But the life and healing it can bring after you have finally left the grip of abuse makes this difficult journey worth it.

In today’s episode, I want to outline a ten-step pathway if you or someone you love is considering getting out of an emotionally and spiritually abusive relationship. Come with me as we climb the ladder out of hell.

Bad Advice Christians Offer Emotional Abuse Victims

Bad Advice Christians Offer Emotional Abuse Victims [Episode 235]

You’ve probably read countless books and articles about marriage, how to be a good Christian wife, but if you’re in an abusive marriage, I’m here to tell you that these reading materials probably don’t apply to you. Many of the authors writing them don’t have any knowledge regarding abuse in Christian marriages, so there are no caveats, exceptions, or words for those women who are struggling with an abusive spouse.

In today’s episode, I take apart an article on marriage that I recently read to prove my point that these articles really are not made for women who are dealing with an emotional abuser. The article may be applicable for a woman in a normal, run-of-the-mill Christian marriage, but for those of you who don’t find yourselves in a marriage like that, this article is probably not going to be for you. Let’s talk about why.

A Story About Letting Go

A Story About Letting Go [Episode 234]

“Till death do us part.” Those words haunt you.

The enemy was supposed to be outside your home and family. Easy to see. Protection just a prayer or a locked door away. 

But the one stealing from and killing and destroying you is the one you lie beside at night. The one you promised your forever to.

And he’s counting on it.

Do Marriage Intensives Work?

Do Marriage Intensives Work? [Episode 215]

Marriage intensives: What are they? Do they work? Are they worth the money? Can a marriage intensive change an abuser? I get these questions often, and I asked the same questions myself. In fact, I believed in marriage intensives so fully that I spent $7,500 just for a man to take pictures of my angry face and talk about his own practice and family for one-third of the time. (Need context? Me too, girl. Go listen to the episode!)

Let’s discuss whether a marriage intensive is helpful when dealing with an abusive husband, whether it helped my marriage personally, and then some things you can do without spending $7,500 to “save” your marriage. I’ve got a list. A very fun list.