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Episode 35 – Shame Busting Your Divorce

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Divorce, Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast | 3 comments

Gretchen Baskerville, author of the upcoming book, Life Saving Divorce, is back to talk with us about how women of faith can move from shame and fear into ministry and stability after divorce.

You can connect with Gretchen on Twitter.

You can also listen to or read her previous interview called Busting Myths about Singleness After Divorce. 


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  1. Tari ONeill

    Thank you for this podcast. I’ve been curious about Divorce Care because my church would never ever host Divorce Care so I thought a church that used it was progressive and maybe ok. Knowing now that the program only recognizes infidelity and abandonment as reasons to divorce, I can’t go to that. Finding out that the group is men and women is also a “NO” for me. I also have had a strong fear of men (finally came out of that). Thank you for recommending June Hunt’s little books, Gretchen. I only knew about her “Domestic Violence” book. I am going to look at the others. I have been told by a few men at my church that there are not any biblical grounds beyond infidelity and any verses would be taken out of context. I love how both Natalie and Gretchen brought up dysfunction and the effects on kids. It’s so important. I like the term “Life Saving Divorce.” Thank you for addressing God’s viewpoint and having anger towards God.

  2. Darlene

    Thank you for the comments about Divorce Care. I went to about 75% of the program. I took away a few good things from the videos but, as Gretchen says, women are not comfortable in man/woman groups at this point in our lives. I was very guarded with my words.

  3. Patty Theriot

    great info thank you Natalie and Gretchen


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