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Author, speaker, and counselor, Bob Hamp, dives deep into the ways religion kills people. This is a fascinating interview about good, evil, and the connection that sets us free from both.

Bob Hamp is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of several books, speaker, and director of Think Differently Counseling, Coaching, and Connecting.

He and his wife Polly run the TDAcademy, and you can follow his work on Facebook HERE.

Here is an excerpt:

“Why is it that people feel so much that Christianity doesn’t work for them? Because they are trying to climb a branch called the knowledge of good instead of turning from this branch and this whole tree over to the tree of Life.

The second thing you see is why so many leaders are so broken and evil. (This is a horrible generalization.) When you become proficient at the knowledge of good but are empty of the Breath of God, you become a dictator for your brand of the knowledge of good. And only those who follow your version of the knowledge of good are doing it right. Hence the reason why one group says another group isn’t going to make it to heaven, and that group says the other group isn’t going to make it to heaven.

I think when Jesus says there is a narrow way and a broad way, I don’t think He is saying not many people will be able to manage their behavior in such a way that they can pass through the narrow way. To me the narrow way is that there is a change in our way of thinking.

In fact, the word “repent” doesn’t mean change your behavior or turn around. Literally, the word repent comes from the word metanoia, which means change the way that you think. It’s not to change what you think; it’s change the way you think.

It is essentially a reference to the way you think – you think the knowledge of good and evil will never apprise you of the thing that Jesus is teaching.

 He’ll say, “You’ve heard it said don’t steal; but I say to you don’t covet.”

He’ll say, “You’ve heard it said don’t commit adultery, but I say to you don’t even lust after a woman in your heart.”

Some people, the knowledge of good and evil people, hear that as Jesus saying, “The rules are even harder than you thought.”

But really what He’s saying is, “You won’t be able to do this out of your knowledge. You’ve got to come back again to the place where motive, or the source, matters.”

When the source is the Breath of God to me, the Breath of God in me, and the Breath of God through me, now I don’t just not behave badly, I don’t have the thoughts and motives inside that Jesus is referring to.”

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1 Comment

  1. Lori

    All I can think to say is “Wow.” This transcript is God given perspective I never would have found if I had not been searching for answers and understanding to my pain over the last year. God has set things into motion to prepare me for all this much earlier than I originally believed. This clarity came at a time when I really needed it. Thank God for He is in control.


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