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Episode 48 -Listener Questions – Homeschooling Post-Divorce, and Can I Leave if He’s Changing?

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Divorce, Flying Free Podcast, Listener Questions | 9 comments

Join Natalie, Rachel, Becky, and Kim as they answer two listener questions.

Question One: “I’m hoping you can speak into my situation. My husband and I have been married about 13 years, and maybe 6 years into our marriage I started feeling like there were things that were wrong, but I couldn’t really identify them. About a year and a half ago, I really started awakening to the fact that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I told him at that point that if it continued that way I wanted to leave. He then started to … He saw how serious I was about leaving, and then he began to look into things that were happening and looking inward. It has been a process, but I think he’s finally starting to realize a lot of the things that he was doing were abusive. I see some genuine desire in him to want to change. Despite that though, I still feel like I want to leave, and I feel guilty that I want to leave. I feel like I need to stay considering that we have three kids and all of that. I just feel deep down that I can’t be vulnerable to him because of the abuse. I feel like I’ve shut down my heart towards him, and even though he’s changing, I still want to leave.”

Question Two: “I would love to hear a podcast on the topic of how a homeschooling mom can navigate through a divorce with her abuser, who is a covert narcissist most likely, and continue to homeschool after the divorce is over.

Link mentioned in this podcast: Can This Relationship Be Saved worksheet download.

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  1. Catherine

    Can you link the link to “ Can your relationship be saved?”

  2. Dee

    On episode 48 answering the question whether she should go or stay, is there a reason why you didn’t ask whether she was in counseling either individual or as a couple. I know from experience that emotional abuse can leave you so wounded you don’t even know if you want it fixed. A good Christian counselor helped me navigate this. Sometimes God brings healing to the marriage. In my case God released me. And I am blessed to be part of a church that supported me in my journey.

  3. Recovering

    Is the link to the resource about deciding to stay or go on this page? I think it was mentioned that it would be in the show notes?

  4. R. B

    Hi there, thank your for this episode. Natalie you mentioned putting in the show notes an online resource “can this relationship be saved”. I can’t seem to find “show notes”. Probably blind but can you help me please?

  5. sarah

    Upon listening to episode 48 you mentioned some notes that had a link to a resource that I would really like to access. However, I am not seeing it anywhere. Natalie said it was called “can this relationship be saved” and could not recall the gentleman’s name that authored it.


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