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Episode 38 – Interview with Patrick Doyle on Coping with Betrayal from Church, Family, and Friends

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Advocacy, Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast, Healing from Spiritual Abuse, Learning, Waking Up | 10 comments

In this interview with public speaker and coach, Patrick Doyle, we talk about how to cope with the betrayal that occurs when women of faith stand up against abuse in their homes. Betrayal of this kind is extraordinarily traumatic and causes tremendous grief and heartache. If you’ve experienced this kind of loss, you’ll find validation in this episode. 

Patrick Doyle has over thirty years of working with people from all over in treatment centers, churches, and through his office. His authentic and transparent way of leadership has drawn followers from all over the world. As a public speaker and coach, Patrick takes difficult conversations head on; communicating hard truths with honesty and safety. He is passionate about connecting with people so that they may see their individual value and as a result, experience the freedom from the lies that destroy their wellness of spirit. His hope is that people will partner with him in helping others see, believe, and act on their intrinsic value.

Patrick lives in beautiful Southern Oregon. On his down time, he enjoys spending time with his two adult sons, reading a good book, or experiencing a new adventure with people he is close with.

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Thank you so much, Janeymac2016 for the kind review! We are so glad these resources have been helpful for you! Thank you for listening!

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  1. Autumn

    So few people understand the complexities of abuse. I find it difficult to watch people being coerced and used by my abuser. I feel pulled to talk to them and try to explain to them that they are being exploited. They are deep in denial and under the spell of the coercive controller. The minimize my concerns, they deny their validity and ask me to stop talking about the abuser in such a way. Eventually, I get labeled as the crazy person, when I am the only person speaking the truth! I refuse to enable denial. Any suggestions how to do this well? I try small bites of truth when the opportunity comes up and people quickly defend the abuser or turn to me and say “stop talking about that.”

  2. Melissa

    I had just understood and admitted that it was emotional abuse, 23 years of it. Three kids later, all teens now. My husband and abuser just passed away unexpectedly and tragically. It was on the news. A few weeks prior, I had found your podcasts. I would fall asleep at night to them after listening more than once. They were my safe haven, a warm blanket of understanding comfort. The after affects are hard to navigate through. Some relatives are sick (alcoholism) and lashing out. He abused in multiple ways, lots of secrets. They are coming out. Lots of financial confusion. It all seems impossible. However, I know the Lord and he is at my side. If you could email me, so I could email back; that would be unbelievably helpful. Melissa

  3. Kim

    Thanks for this podcast! My story coincides and resonates with all this content. The pain of betrayal from my church was massive. I asked for their help and received harm. I stuck with it for three years of their “counsel” and thought maybe God was teaching them through our situation. I gave them resources that helped me and still wish they understood. The elders ended up calling my husband and I into a meeting and raking us over the coals telling us that if we would just repent, our marriage would turn around. They told me I was equally at fault and caused my husband’s anger and abuse. We had to end our relationships cold turkey after that meeting and I’m still grieving 6 months later. I now sit at the back of a mega church and don’t want to know anyone or serve anyone. I go so my kids can have Sunday School. This whole thing has seriously affected my relationship with God. I can’t see Him as a strong tower or protector. And reading scripture sounds like all the men who have twisted it to their own doctrines. Trying to heal. Thanks for the work you and Patrick and others are doing.

  4. Rodney Young, Jr.

    Thanks so much for this Natalie! It was through your blog that I discovered Patrick and his videos have been a lifeline for me and my wife for the past 3 years. I appreciate you bringing his teaching to the forefront!

  5. Suzanne

    There is no play button…Is there a temporary glitch, Natalie?

    • Natalie Hoffman

      The play button is there! You may have missed it!

  6. Shelly Fullerton

    Thank you so much for your interview with Patrick! I too must have listened to every single you tube video of his many many times when I was seeking clarity and when I needed assurance that I wasn’t crazy. He’s a gifted Counselor with uncanny insights that can only be Holy Spirit inspired! You’re awesome!!!!

  7. Sherry Bryant

    Like you, Natalie, I have listened to Patrick’s videos repeatedly, trying to absorb as much as possible. This was a great interview! I learned so much. I have printed it out so I can pull the information that caused flashbulbs (yes, I’m that old) to go off in my mind. I was blessed indeed!
    Thank you, both!

  8. Monica

    Thank you – your podcast with Patrick literally addresses all of the missing pieces to this grief and recovery process. Thank you both!


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