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Episode 87: When He Says “How Can I Fix This?”

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Boundaries, Emotional Abuse, Flying Free Podcast, Learn with Natalie, Learning | 2 comments

You’ve been telling him for years how hurtful his behavior is. Literally begging him to stop. It’s like beating your head against a wall. You’ve reached your breaking point. Then he tosses out a question your heart longed to hear from the beginning:

“What can I do to fix this?” 

Right at the end. Right before your feet hit the pavement. Right before you’ve given up.

What now?

Learn about 3 critical aspects of this scenario

  • What this question actually means.
  • Why he never asked it before.
  • Ways to respond that won’t lead you right back onto the hamster wheel of death. 

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  1. just ... K

    Really appreciated this. Thank you Natalie!
    My shin kicker is winding up with a diatribe on how unforgiving and bitter I am because I have set some boundaries. (Yeah, he gave me a head’s up!) I’m working on a non programmed response. Learning wisdom is sooooo challenging, but THANK YOU for the help!

  2. Lela

    Ha, I see you know my shin kicker! He once again asked what he could do to change. That opened the door to a 2-hour shin kicking filibuster, always quick to remind me that 90% of our problems are my fault. Little did he know, that after 4 decades of marriage, I was in the final stages of my plan to leave him. One month later I was gone forever.\

    That was nearly 3 years ago. I am now divorced and have assumed my maiden name! Much thanks Natalie for your many brave articles, podcasts and book, very helpful!


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