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Episode 49 – Survivor Story: Becky’s Story of Overcoming Abuse

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Divorce, Survivor Stories, The Flying Free Podcast | 5 comments

Becky’s story of overcoming will inspire you. After abuse and abandonment in her childhood, she married a man who put it all on her–working, homeschooling five kids, and supporting his selfishness. When she woke up, she realized the problem wasn’t her after all. But that was only the first step in getting out.

Listen to Becky’s incredible story of crawling to flying.

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  1. Kary

    Amazing podcast!!!

  2. Jimmie

    Becky, I understand! I, too, decided going to hell was better than staying married. Your story is amazing. You are a STRONG woman, and I am so happy you are in a good place now. Your crazy ex could not destroy you!

  3. AJ

    Becky you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story so well! You are an incredible speaker and I am just thrilled for you- that God has blessed you with a wonderful man and that you are truly Flying Free! The years the locusts ate have been restored, above and beyond! You sound healed in your voice, and that just makes my heart happy!
    God bless you sweet sister!


    Oh my gosh this podcast was amazing what a incredible testimony .. Would love to see this in a book I dont know how she got through all that God Bless Becky may the rest of her life be so very blessed thank you for sharing .


  5. Unhappily Ever After

    Wow! Wow! Absolutely amazing!
    I would love to give that lady a big hug. She’s an inspiration to us all.

    And I love this initiative of interviewing abuse survivors. I look forward to reading some covert abuse stories – about marriages to men who looked really good on the outside. Thank you, Natalie and Becky


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