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Episode 71: Learn To Say “No”

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Boundaries, Learn with Natalie, Learning, The Flying Free Podcast | 0 comments

When religious people called Jesus the son of the devil, he didn’t suddenly have the thought “What if I AM the son of the devil?” Or “Why do they think that of me after all I’ve done for them?” Or “Who do they think they are?” Or “What did I do to make them say such horrible things?”

It didn’t make him feel guilty or angry or out of control. He felt unconditional love – because he knew who he was. That doesn’t mean he hung out with them. He respected their lack of love for him and let them go their own way. He didn’t chase after them or fawn after them or try to get them to believe him. He just lived a consistent life of love and belief in Who He was – and what His mission was. That’s it.

What if we could live that way? Imagine being able to say “No” – and having the other person call you a name or whisper behind your back and accuse you of being selfish, and all you feel is unconditional love and understanding for their anxiety and petulance? But you felt zero guilt or shame?

I think that’s something we can strive for. Here’s how.

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