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When You Lose Your Church Family

Have you suffered the debilitating loss of your church family? This can be a traumatic experience that takes a lifetime to process. Find out why, and how you can think about this in a way that empowers you to love more and experience peace in spite of the pain.

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Who Burned the House Down?

It’s like my husband spent our marriage throwing gasoline all over our home. Nobody could see it, but I could smell the fumes. They threatened to suffocate me. I knew that if I lit a match to illuminate the truth about the gasoline, I would burn our home down. I was warned, in so many words, never to light that match.

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Where Does God Fit Into My Toxic Marriage?

Emotional abuse that involved another person using God or His Word as a weapon of control is also called SPIRITUAL ABUSE, and this type of abuse is horrific in its potential to destroy one’s faith in God.

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