How to Set Healthy Boundaries to Keep Yourself Safe


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Rachel and Natalie talk about what boundaries are, where we allow others to cross our boundaries, where we cross the boundaries of others, and how to set healthy boundaries in order to keep yourself safe and have nurturing relationships with ourselves and others.

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    Thank you Natalie for all you do!! It’s starting to make since now.☺

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    Hi! I’m looking for the article/podcast that goes with the comments. Kind thanks!

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    Rachel brought up a couple of things that helped the “light bulb turn on”. Her ex gave her the choice of where she wanted to eat, etc., but if it wasn’t what he wanted, there was a penalty, yet somehow he was being generous. And you both talked about finding out what you wanted or who you are. Both of those things resonated with me. It opened my eyes and gave me some validation. And crossing over into my H’s yard. That is something worth my time thinking about.

    • Natalie Hoffman

      I’m so glad this discussion was helpful for you!

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    I enjoyed this so much. I have read thr Boundaries Bob and also another by the same authors called Safe People which I highly recommend as well.

    I wonder if you would consider another episode on sexual boundaries in marriage. I was getting a manicure the other day and my manicurist asked about me and I shared my story including that I had six children. She eventually said to me “Why do you have 6 children when he was so uncaring?” I replied that I thought I had to. She then asked me if he was attractive to me. I said no. Then she finally shook her head and said “You niave.”. I laughed but I realized I had trapped myself with Scripture. I live my children of course but truly I allowed myself to be used and abused under the guise of being a godly wife.

    • Avatar

      Ugh, my heart hurts for you. I hope you are able to get away from your “shin kicker”, your are at the right place to get the resources you need to overcome and be empowered by the Lord himself. Keep loving your babies, figure out boundaries. Fly free & never stop loving yourself & God (He is good, man is broken). Xoxo


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