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Episode 62 – Seven Things an Abuser Does When You Set Boundaries

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Boundaries, Emotional Abuse, Learn with Natalie, The Flying Free Podcast | 3 comments

Learn the seven predictable things that happen when you set boundaries with an emotionally abusive partner. Knowing what to expect in advance will empower you to respond with emotional control and self-respect.

This episode was sponsored by Amy, in recognition of being free from her abuser for 11 years. Thank you Amy! Congratulations on flying free!

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  1. Vanessa Knight

    Yes this was the pattern for me too!! However, I kept falling for the bread crumbs “fake change” because I wanted my marriage. I didn’t want a divorce. I wanted him to want us as much as me but he didn’t. He liked our life just as it was. I had kind people ask me “who in your marriage is really working to change”: reading the books, trying to make sex better, etc it was me. I had to make a choice do I continue this crazy loop or do I jump towards life and thriving. The choice was painful and took awhile. This didn’t happen all at once. I hated the back lash of my boundaries but the good thing that happened is I began waking up a bit. I began to see that I was giving was really giving more of my soul. This husband doesn’t love me he likes the benefits of marriage. Ladies this dawning is in your own time. May God give you eyes to see the crazy sooner than later.

    • Natalie Hoffman

      Next week I’m publishing an article about how we can love someone and still leave them. In fact, leaving is sometimes the only way we can truly love both the abuser and the target.

    • Wendy

      Nailed it! I wish I would have understood this pattern early on, but then I wouldn’t have my beautiful kids.


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