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Breaking Destructive Relationship Patterns You Learned in Your Family of Origin

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Boundaries, Expert Interviews, Flying Free Podcast, Learning, Rebuilding | 2 comments

In this interview with professional therapist, author, and speaker, Judy Herman, you’ll find out how destructive relationship patterns you learned in your family of origin affect you as an adult. You’ll also get some tools to help you move past those destructive patterns into a healthier future.

Free Resources Mentioned in the Show:

How Our Family of Origin Grooms Us For Covert Emotional Abuse

PDF Download: Questions to Ask a Prospective Therapist

Judy Herman is a speaker and author of Beyond Messy Relationships. She is also a licensed professional counselor and mental health service provider who helps leaders create connection beyond conflict in their own familial relationships so they can serve from a place of vibrant authenticity. In her private practice in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she counsels entrepreneurs, clergy, and other therapists. Her training with world-renowned marriage experts include Drs. John and Julie Gottman; and Imago Therapy founders, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. Her counseling career (which began in 2006) followed her first career of raising four children in a troubled marriage that ended after 29 years. She was compelled to write Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations To Your Authentic Self after after her 2nd husband’s psychotic episode from bipolar disorder. This intense and dramatic memoir gives readers psychological wisdom and spiritual insight into their stories.

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Breaking Destructive Relationship Patterns You Learned in Your Family of Origin [Transcript]

Download today’s transcript: PDF Download of Episode 34


  1. Dawn

    A problem with needing to have contacts that support you is that the husband prevents any such contacts. He demands accounting for every dime spent. He demands to know who you talk to and what is said. He also prevents getting any therapy. He searches all your belongings so you don’t dare keep a journal or even own a book that addresses problems. What then?

    • Natalie Hoffman

      You need to get in contact with a domestic violence hotline for further steps. He is highly controlling, and you’re not safe with that kind of individual. The national hotline is:


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