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Episode 54 – Reclaiming Your SELF After Abuse

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Learn with Natalie, Learning, Survivor Identity, The Flying Free Podcast | 6 comments

Jesus wants you to reclaim your SELF. And do you know how He helps you do that? By helping you understand the skills you already have within yourself – that HE PUT THERE – to rescue yourself. He didn’t create you to be a helpless princess in need of rescue. He created you to be Captain Marvel. In this podcast episode, Natalie will tell you about a tool with the potential to change the course of your life.

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  1. Christina

    I needed this today! I’m currently rereading Boundaries (Cloud, Townsend), but I was getting lost in the middle. Your tool is exactly where I can start. Thank you!

  2. Arno Dyck

    This podcast is the best one yet. I don’t really understand who Bill Gothard is but the principles in this podcast are what everyone really needs to hear.

  3. donna

    Im looking forward to implementing this tool for conflict/abuse.
    I’m divorced 10 months after 37 years of abuse. Working with a counselor but conflict is a challenge for me. I want to fix it so I find myself apologizing for my fixing it when I was the one who was wronged. Or I avoid confronting others. A peacefaker not a peacemaker.
    Thank you for sharing and clearly explaining why my well worn thinking paths aren’t changing as quick as I would like.

  4. Anne

    Oh my!
    This podcast sounds revolutionary. Eager to do the 5-part way of redoing my thinking to be more aligned with what God thinks of me. Love this.

  5. Christel Salazar

    You are a God-send. I escaped the worst abuse I’ve ever endured last year and your podcasts are helping me so much!!
    I have no financial means to seek outside therapy, and finding your page and podcasts have given me a glimmer of hope
    Thank you!!


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