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Episode 39 – Help! I’m Addicted to a Destructive Relationship!

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Flying Free Podcast, Learning, Listener Questions, Waking Up | 1 comment

Today Natalie and Rachel answer this question from a listener:

“My biggest challenge currently is trying to stop thinking and obsessing about the marriage and whether there is any hope for us getting back together. Will he change the emotionally abusive behavior? Also, although he’s not good for me, I still feel a very strong attraction and am pining for him. It takes up so much of my thoughts, and my heart feels heavy. Is this trauma bonding? How can I recover from this? I find it especially difficult when well-meaning pastors say things like, ‘God put you together, so don’t let the enemy steal your marriage,’ and ‘It’s always possible to change,’ et cetera. It makes me procrastinate even more. I’m trying to do no contact, and I’m amazed at how tough I’m finding it.”

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1 Comment

  1. Cyndee Frick

    Is there anyway that you can talk more about trauma bonding after a divorce because of abuse by the husband. I have been divorced for five months and I am still struggling with missing the hugs and comfort he would give me when I was hurt by someone else. Of course I never got those hugs when he hurt me. And to make matters worse he decided to get into a relationship with one of my dearest friends that I had for 16 years. Granted I met her through him because he went to high school with her but now I’m not only dealing with Grieving but now the betrayal from her choosing him over my friendship and him asking her knowing she was a dear dear friend. I feel so unloved and alone even though I know the Lord is walking this with me. Thank you so much Rachel and Natalie


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