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Episode 50-When Abuse and Our Faith are Tangled Up Together

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Healing from Spiritual Abuse, Learn with Natalie, The Flying Free Podcast | 4 comments

When our faith is enmeshed with abuse, it’s confusing to tell the two apart. That damages our connection with God. How can we untangle the lies of abuse from the truth of God?

We have to do spiritual surgery on ourselves in order to remove the shrapnel of abuse from our hearts of faith–to separate the two so our hearts can beat again in a healthy, strong way in harmony with our Savior.

Join Natalie for a lesson that will help untangle you from lies and renew your trust in Jesus, a God who doesn’t abuse people.

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  1. Lisa

    Are other women having anxiety, depression & just basically “dead inside” about attending church – any church?
    Thank you – so glad to have found this very helpful information!

  2. Kerry

    This is a great reminder Natalie.
    Who do I listen to, man or God?
    You often mention part of your recovery was reading the book of John.
    I watched a youtube movie yesterday on this.And you followed up today with this encouraging message.
    God is on my side – what a relief to know how much I am loved.

    • Claudia

      Too funny- Never had a hubby, so I didn’t think that this site would be for me. Turns out that all of my relationships to churches have been…..TRAUMA BONDING. I’m 66. Thanks for the podcast Natalie- I never had the right category to put all of my handwringing in.I thought it was because I thought the male pastors were emotionally unaware and I judged them as stupid. I was being played in every church to believe whatever the heck THEY believed. I can see clearly now. Freedom lies in Christ alone.

      • Natalie Hoffman

        Wow, that is fascinating. I’m so glad this has been helpful for you! We were all created to be FREE and to fulfill our destiny in Christ. Both male and female.


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