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Episode 73: Learning To Trust Again

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Flying Free Podcast, Listener Questions | 1 comment

Rachel, Becky, and Natalie answer two listener questions:

1. “After successfully escaping abuse, how do you determine that the respect or positive treatment that you receive from any new relationships are not just another wave of wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting for their opportunity to show their teeth? It doesn’t feel fair or trusting to look at every person that comes through your new life now that you are healing as just another predator waiting to jump on you. Do you ever learn to completely trust again? When someone offers to help you with a task, is it possible to realize they are just genuinely wanting to help and not actually taking inventory of how many times they’ve offered help and now you owe them help in return? Going through life presuming that the world is always out to get you is exhausting and feels fearful and sad.”

2. “I saw my husband’s relatives whom I thought were strong Christians turn a blind eye to the abuse. Do they have the Holy Spirit in them? Are they ignoring His voice? How can I have heard so strongly from the Holy Spirit to get out, and yet these Christians are telling me I need to stay? Are they evil or just naively in denial? How do I reconcile this hurt?”

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1 Comment

  1. Sue

    Oh my! This right here was exactly what I needed to hear today!! Especially the part about recognizing & remembering that other people see through their own lens & it is my lens that has changed. This makes a huge difference. Yay! Thank you so much for this very valuable golden nugget!


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