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Episode 81: How Do I Forgive Someone Who Keeps Hurting Me?

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Boundaries, Emotional Abuse, Listener Questions, Rebuilding, The Flying Free Podcast | 2 comments

Forgiveness is one of the ultimate Christian virtues, right after love. It “sets the prisoners free.” Except in your life. It keeps you defenseless and bound to a person, or people, determined to keep harming you. Forgiveness seems like a superhighway to destruction, the restart button for more craziness and pain. So, should you keep forgiving someone who keeps hurting you…and how?

Flying Free sister Daphne joins Natalie and Rachel to discuss what forgiveness really is and the ways they’ve been harmed by the false (and very common) teachings about it. Despite that, there really is great news about forgiveness:

It’s not a weapon for our abuser, it’s a tool for us to cut ourselves completely out of their grasp and influence. Forgiveness isn’t a magical cure for the pain we feel or the healing we need, but it does allow us to fully enter our future without being influenced by our abusers. Forgiveness is a tool for our empowerment!

Click to view Bob Hamp’s talk on Forgiveness mentioned in this episode.

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    I heard you say that Flying Free is opening up soon. What about Flying Higher? I’m divorced and interested in Flying Higher.


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