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Category: Listener Questions

When All Your Thoughts Are Despairing and Hopeless

When All Your Thoughts Are Despairing and Hopeless [Episode 141]

If you’re like most Christian women in confusing and painful marriages, you’ve tried everything.

You’ve read the books, the blogs, the sarcastic memes, and the devotionals.

You’ve paid for counseling, training, seminars, and conferences.

You’ve asked for advice from other couples, your parents, your pastors, friends.

You’ve prayed and read your Bible and journaled, cried, and begged.

But your marriage never changes. Or it just gets worse.


It’s simple. It’s free. It’s right in front of you.

Does God Love You Less Because Your Marriage Is Bad?

Does God Love You Less Because Your Marriage Is Bad? [Episode 137]

If your child was starving and asked you for bread, would you make her eat from a dumpster?

If your child was dying of thirst and asked for water, would you pour sand down his throat?

Are you that child? Starving for safety. And love. And honesty. And help. And tenderness. And dying a little more each day in their absence and their opposites.

So why doesn’t God treat you like a daughter? Why does he give food and drink and good husbands and happy families to some but to you…only pain?

If these questions keep you up at night, this episode is for you.

How Do I Make an Exit Plan?

How Do I Make an Exit Plan? [Episode 136]

Getting out of an abusive marriage can seem impossible. Especially when it comes to the money aspect. As in…where will you get it? How will you reenter (or start in) the work force? How are you going to add MORE to your already overflowing plate?

And those emotions. The big ones that feel like a thick sludge up to your hips or a pile of wet blankets on top of you or a deep, aching hollow in your chest. How do you deal with those?

Dear one, it’s not easy, but it is simple.

I’ve traveled this way before—alone and with others. So let me share my road map.

Emotional Abuse Survivor Q&A

Emotional Abuse Survivor Q&A [Episode 124]

If my husband has a mental health issue or a personality disorder, does that excuse his abusive behavior? My husband isn’t the typical abuser; is my marriage actually abusive or just bad? Am I wrong for wanting privacy that my husband demands I should give up? How will I know for sure that my abuser has changed? Since I’ve made the decision to stay in my marriage for now, how can I grow while doing so?

I answer these questions and more in this episode. This is a replay of a Q&A done in the Flying Free Sisterhood program. One of the many life-changing benefits of this group is the ability to have your questions answered in a monthly Q&A, weekly during coaching, and every day in the private forum.

Is it Possible to Stay Well in an Abusive Marriage?

Is it Possible to Stay Well in an Abusive Marriage? [Episode 122]

You’ve got two options and you HATE them both. You know you’re married to an abuser, but you DON’T want a divorce. So…you’re staying.

But will you be consumed by your husband’s reckless hate? Can you and Jesus be enough in the years to come? Will healing happen in the midst of destruction? Can you survive staying married and, what’s more, thrive? Is it even possible to stay well in an abusive marriage?