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Episode 20 – Some Differences Between a Normal Marriage and a Dysfunctional Marriage

by | May 24, 2019 | Flying Free Podcast, Learn with Natalie, Learning, Rebuilding | 3 comments

In this episode, Rachel and Natalie compare and contrast their former marriages to emotionally abusive partners and their current relationships (Natalie is remarried, and Rachel is in a serious relationship).

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  1. Jennifer

    Your story is much like mine. I am still here with him. I do love him very much. It seems the only time he is kind and loving is when I am super sweet. He has never shown kindness to me unless I am laying the kindness on thick for him. He witjdraws from the children as well when I have confronted him or tried to talk to him about relationship things. He withdraws physically and won’t touch me unless I am super sweet wife. When I had my babies, I was so tired and uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancies that I wasn’t able to keep up. So, when the birthing day came, he would just sit on the couch in the delivery room and complain if I asked him to do anything. I feel like if he really loved me, he would have been there to help and would have shown care when I was in the worst pain of my life physically. I have told him how much the way he acted hurt me, but he just says that it’s in the past and I always try to attack him for the past and dig up old dirt. I don’t know if he is abusive, or if he feels disrespected by me and then shuts down. I was such a sweet wife in the beginning, but I found that he had a pornography addiction and any time I would try to talk to him about it he would get angry and raise his voice, and so I became wife cop many days. He has never shown love to me unless I have first shown great love and respect for him. I know they say, the woman is th neck, but I don’t know. Is it normal for a man to not be loving at all when he feels disrespected? He cab be wonderful, but only when I keep my mouth shut and do all the good things that a submissive help meet does. He doesn’t ask for much, but when my attitude is right toward him then he is loving. I don’t want a divorce. I am trying to just make things ok for the kids. It’s so tough. I don’t k ow if my guy is abusive or just can’t live unless he feels loved.

  2. Susanne

    So good and true. I could relate to the ” never does a conflict get solved” even the smallest things became a huge issue. No matter how I said it, of course I was told I’m a nag. I wrecked my brain and my soul to prepare for a talk, sweet ,facts only, no accusations just how I feel technique, only to find out… Nothing works! Agony! Shame! Left hanging everytime! I’m doing things wrong! I need to pray more!
    Free now! Thank you!


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