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Episode 44 – Coping Through the Holidays

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Emotional Abuse, Flying Free Podcast, Grieving, Learn with Natalie | 2 comments

The holidays have a way of making abusive relationships, separation, and divorce even worse. Families get split, take sides, and cause more hurt and pain than we think we can bear. Let’s talk about how to cope during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

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  1. Karen

    Natalie’s podcast have been a God send to me. Gave me the strength and determination to finally plan and leave a emotionally, verbally and threatening physical 46 yr marriage! At age 66 I said no more! I have a wonderful counselor/ psychologist and a very supportive pastor, his wife and my church family. My own family is super supportive and I’m now living with a sister and helping care for my 97 yr old Mom who,is in failing health. In time I will be moving to another state to live near my granddaughters and help with them. This will be our first Christmas starting new traditions. I’ve only been separated 2 months. I will be having some of my Christmas at the house I left because my son, daughter in law and granddaughters will be staying there. I will be sleeping at my sisters though! The girls don’t know yet we’re separated…they are 4 and 10. I will never be pulled back in to that relationship again! This is permanent and I feel so wonderful! My counselor said my whole countenance has changed! And my health is improved! God is good! He exposed my husband’s abuse through his own mouth and words to my pastor, his wife and the psychologist! Freeing me completely! Christmas blessings to all!


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