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Episode 85: A Conversation About Survivors Who Worry That They Are Abusive

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Emotional Abuse, Flying Free Podcast, Listener Questions, Survivor Identity | 1 comment

You’re the problem. An angry woman, a discontent wife, a troublemaker, the ungodly one. You’ve heard this over and over, in your mind, at church, and from your husband. Why can’t you get it together? Where do all the rage, frustration, and ugliness come from? 

What if the question is the answer?

Abusers don’t ask if they are abusive. 

Natalie, Daphne, and Rachel discuss the common reactions women have in destructive marriages that bring shame and confusion along with:

  • The need to see that our abusers try to force a reaction by exploiting their intimate knowledge of us.
  • How/why it is so common for counselors, pastors, family, and friends to slap the label of “abuser” on a victim (and why you don’t have to care).
  • The key to freedom from this horrible merry-go-round: CHOICE! 

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1 Comment

  1. Wendy Hayes

    This message was so healing and has been a big step towards me being ok with myself. Sometimes this group is the only place I feel heard and find hope that my life has value.
    I will support this group as long as I am able.


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