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Episode 82: Survivor Story – Robin

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Divorce, Emotional Abuse, Flying Free Podcast, Survivor Stories | 0 comments

Have you ever been told to let the past be the past (even though the past is your present and your present is a prison disguised as a marriage)?

Robin walked on eggshells and hid herself away to survive. After years in an abusive marriage, she believed God didn’t love her and that he hated divorce more than anything. She was taught that her body wasn’t her own, and her job was to make her husband happy at all costs. But no matter how small she became, it was never enough. No matter how hard she tried, he was never happy. When she dared to bring up her concerns or ask her husband to stop harming her and the kids, he blamed her, and the cycle began again.

Robins talks about:

  • How Flying Free has helped (and can help you too)
  • Red flags from her marriage (great for those hoping to avoid toxic relationships in the future)
  • How the church made things worse (and why she eventually went against all she’d been taught)

Since gaining freedom from her husband, Robin no longer lives in fear in her own home. She is sure of God’s love and knows that what he really hates is abuse. There is also, finally, distance between the past and her present.

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