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Category: Flying Free Podcast

Her Rites: Women's Sacred Journey

Her Rites: Women’s Sacred Journey [Episode 279]

Dr. Christy Bauman has written yet another beautifully rich book, and in today’s episode, you will get a sneak peek! Her Rites: A Sacred Journey for the Mind, Body, and Soul takes you on a journey through each of a woman’s six rites of passage and empowers women through words, art, and music.

What the Healing Journey Looks Like

What the Healing Journey Looks Like [Episode 277]

We talk about the abuse so much, we sometimes forget about the actual healing process. That’s why I’ve invited my long-time friend and seasoned guest Bob Hamp back on the Flying Free Podcast. Bob knows how painful and necessary the healing journey is, and he has some incredible golden nuggets of wisdom to share today that you do not want to miss.

Teaching Children the CBT Model Tool

Teaching Children the CBT Model Tool [Episode 276]

Today I’m going to teach you how to use the same CBT triangle tool I use with the women I work with, my kids, and even myself to help us all understand and gain self-awareness around our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

This CBT tool has three parts that can assist you in changing the way you think, and as a result, change your life and the lives of your kids.

Is Your Church Safe?

Is Your Church Safe? [Episode 275]

Ryan Geoge grew up with a father who abused him, a church that hurt him, and a heart that needed healing. Even after learning he wasn’t the only one being abused at the hands of his father, Ryan still found healing he desperately needed, and he’s on a mission to help others heal, tell their story, and live life to the fullest.