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What an Emotional Abuse Survivor Needs

How do we help other women who are in emotionally abusive marriages? And how can the church help these women as well?

In today’s episode, I’ll be answering a listener question about this very topic, and then I’m going to read you a letter I wrote to the church leadership at the church I was ultimately excommunicated from.

This letter highlights sixteen ways that the church can reach out and support the emotionally abused woman instead of re-abusing her, which is all too common.

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What About When People Don’t Validate My Experience of Abuse?

What do I do when people disagree with my decisions? Can I get remarried if I get a divorce? What if other people don’t believe I’m being emotionally abused? What if they think I’m making a big deal out of nothing? How will I get help?

These are the questions we’ll be diving into in today’s episode!

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What to Do When Our Kids Disapprove of Us

Our relationships with our kids are important to us. We raised them from little babies and have deep connections with them, but when those relationships crumble, it can be devastating. Let’s answer some difficult questions about relationships with our kids and how we can navigate through them when our children disapprove of us and our decisions.

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Survivor Story: Married by Myself

Today’s guest is Laurie Sullivan, a survivor of emotional abuse and sexual infidelity at the hands of her husband, a prominent leader in several churches they attended. Laurie outlines her story from getting married at age nineteen to a man she loathed in childhood to eventually finding freedom years later.

Christ is at the center of Laurie’s story, showing Himself to her throughout her custody battle for her children and her third marriage to a good man. Listen in to this eventful story of Laurie’s journey out from abuse.

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Love is Everything: Sneak Peek Part Four

I’m finishing up a new book chronicling my relationship with myself and God through years of spiritual lies and emotional abuse. For the last few weeks I’ve been letting you into the creative process by sharing bits and pieces of my rough draft. Since the time of this recording, many things have already changed, and I’m excited to see how this book is transforming. I can’t wait to share the final version with you when it’s published in 2024. But for now, enjoy this last little sneak peek from Part 4 of my book: the part where I finally fly free. But just because I’m flying free now doesn’t mean my life is without heartbreak and challenges. Come listen to the story of my fight for freedom and some of the threads of my life that have made a major impact on me as an adult.

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Fight for Freedom: Sneak Peek Into My New Book Part Three

I’m finishing up a new book chronicling my relationship with myself and God through years of spiritual lies and emotional abuse. Today’s episode is taken from part three where I begin to discover who I am, who God is, and what my responsibilities really are as I start to make my own life-altering decisions. Decisions that have changed my life in the best possible ways. Listen to part three and see if you can find yourself in my story.

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The Food Fight Inside Us: Sneak Peek Into My New Book Part Two

I’m finishing up a new book chronicling my relationship with God through years of spiritual lies and emotional abuse. Today I’m sharing a little bit of part two, this time written from the perspectives of different parts of me during my adult years. You’ll meet Freaked, Rosie, Melancholy, Rude, and more. If you’ve ever felt like part of you believes one thing and another part of you believes something completely different, rest assured, you aren’t alone!

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We All Need an Empathetic Witness: Sneak Peek Into My New Book Part One

I’m finishing up a new book chronicling my relationship with God through years of spiritual lies and emotional abuse. Today, I’m sharing a little bit of part one, written from the perspective of little Natalie.

Grab a cup of tea and a blanket, and snuggle in to listen to this little girl’s experience. You might even hear your own inner child trying to tell you something important.

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Bad Advice Christians Offer Emotional Abuse Victims

You’ve probably read countless books and articles about marriage, how to be a good Christian wife, but if you’re in an abusive marriage, I’m here to tell you that these reading materials probably don’t apply to you. Many of the authors writing them don’t have any knowledge regarding abuse in Christian marriages, so there are no caveats, exceptions, or words for those women who are struggling with an abusive spouse.

In today’s episode, I take apart an article on marriage that I recently read to prove my point that these articles really are not made for women who are dealing with an emotional abuser. The article may be applicable for a woman in a normal, run-of-the-mill Christian marriage, but for those of you who don’t find yourselves in a marriage like that, this article is probably not going to be for you. Let’s talk about why.

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