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Category: Learn with Natalie

Reframing Nasty Things People Say to Victims

Reframing Nasty Things People Say to Victims [Episode 270]

“Why do you keep bringing up the past?”

“You can’t have boundaries with me. You’re my wife.”

“You’re too sensitive.”

“I said I was sorry. You need to accept that. Let’s choose to have a good day now.”

“You think you’re so perfect.”

Do these phrases sound familiar? They certainly sound familiar to me. I want to show you some ways you can combat these words your abuser throws at you, even if you’re just combating them in your own mind. You don’t even have to say anything out loud (because we all know what happens when we try to reason with an abuser/fool). You can just say these phrases I’m going to teach you in your head, and that will be enough to give you the empowerment and strength you need!

But first, let’s check out a negative review I recently received *gasp* and look to Matthew 23 to help us figure out if this reviewer is on the right track…or not.

Is Teaching Boundaries Victim Blaming?

Is Teaching Boundaries Victim Blaming? [Episode 264]

Is teaching survivors how to have boundaries the equivalent of victim blaming? I’ve seen this topic come up again and again, and I thought it was time I stated what I believe about it. The bottom line is that I believe that boundaries is an essential tool in a survivor’s toolbox. I also believe abuse is never, ever the survivor’s fault. Those two beliefs can go hand in hand nicely, and I’m going to show you how.

Join me as I explain my stance, why it’s important, and what McDonald’s burgers and fries have to do with the whole sordid affair.

Now Available: All the Scary Little Gods

Now Available: All the Scary Little Gods [Episode 263]

In January of 2023, I pulled out over three decade’s worth of journals, photograph albums, planners, cards and letters, and scrapbooks, and I began to write a book about my spiritual journey with God from the time I was seven years old to the present.

I had a hunch there was a story to tell. What surprised me was who ended up telling it.

All the Scary Little Gods: More Insider Scoop on My New Book

All the Scary Little Gods: More Insider Scoop on My New Book [Episode 261]

We are gearing up for the release of my brand new book, All the Scary Little Gods, which will be available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and Audible formats on February 20th.

In this episode, you’ll get some more sneak peeks including the foreword by Dr. Tiffany Yecke Brooks and chapters about my first kiss in college plus a time when I thought “crying out to God” would bring back some mail-in-rebate money. (That’s right. You’ll have to listen to believe it.)

Laugh, cry, and roll your eyes with me in this sneak peek episode!

The Symbolism on the cover of All the Scary Little Gods

The Symbolism on the Cover of All the Scary Little Gods [Episode 259]

During the entire year of 2023, I wrote a book. It was not an easy book for me to write, emotionally, and I’m glad to be done and even more glad to release it into the world soon. In this episode, I discuss why I titled my new book, All the Scary Little Gods, and I explain the symbolism on the front cover.

When you are lonely and sad in your Christian marriage

When You Are Lonely and Sad in Your Christian Marriage [Episode 257]

“I’m really struggling with feeling extremely lonely. How did you deal with this in a healthy way?

“How do you cope with loneliness? A shattered, broken heart?”

“We don’t speak to each other at all most of the time, so I just get really lonely for human fellowship and interaction.”

“I’m feeling really isolated. I just feel sad and alone.”

“I need help dealing with how lonely I feel all the time.”

Do these expressions of loneliness feel familiar to you? Then today’s episode is for you.