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Category: Emotional Abuse

God Doesn't Hate ALL Divorce

God Doesn’t Hate ALL Divorce [Episode 284]

“Does God really hate divorce? And why haven’t my years of praying brought any fruit?”

Abuse survivors ask me these two questions regularly, and today, I’m going to use Malachi 2:16 as well as a chapter from my newest book, All the Scary Little Gods, to answer them both. Beautiful butterfly, I pray this episode is an encouragement to you as you wrestle with these important topics.

Emotional and Spiritual Abuse Survivor Q&A

Emotional and Spiritual Abuse Survivor Q&A [Episode 282]

Here are some of the questions I answered in today’s episode:

– Should I tell my adult children and close friends about the hidden emotional abuse I’m experiencing?
– I feel guilty because we’re in the middle of the divorce process, but all of a sudden, my husband has started being nicer than he’s ever been!
– Why am I so afraid to tell my husband that I am done with the marriage?
– How do I avoid being triggered in a situation where my needs are being ignored or misunderstood?
– Is my husband abusive, or just selfish and immature?
– And MORE!

Forgiveness After Trauma

Forgiveness After Trauma [Episode 281]

“In this book, I want to share parts of my journey paired with reflections based on my background as a biblical scholar to make available forgiveness paths different from the harmful ones so often proffered in the name of God.”

Susannah Griffith’s book, Forgiveness After Trauma, does exactly that, and it is now my absolute favorite book on forgiveness. In today’s episode, Susannah and I sit down and talk about how we can look at forgiveness in a more healing way than we are accustomed to.